Statement on conflict minerals

The "Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform" and the "Consumer Protection Act (Wall Street Reform Act)" were carried into effect in July 2010. This reform enjoins companies using particular materials a publication and documentation requirement which should ensure that no conflict material is used in their products. The exact details concerning this topic can be checked in section 1502 in HR 4173.

As distributor of electronic components the Multi-Bauelemente-Service GmbH is aware of the political explosiveness of this topic and supports the traceability of sourced materials and the transparency of the supply chain.

We obtain our minerals from prestigious producers where we reinsured ourselves that their sources are screened in respect of conflict minerals. Our suppliers assure us (see producer-website) that they do not use minerals such as for example Coltan which serves to fund the armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or an adjoining country.

Consequently no conflict minerals are used in our products according to our current knowledge. As distributor we cannot guarantee that but we feel obliged to treat this topic with caution and ensure ourselves with our suppliers by all available means.

We hope we could satisfy you with our statement on the topic of conflict minerals.


Forstinning, October 2013



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